Solinear are proud to have embraced the BIM mandate…

Solinear have achieved Level 2 BIM Compliancy in line with the Government mandate put in place 4th April 2016.

We have non-parametric BIM models of our products (with associated Metadata incorporated), available for download by our clients upon request. If there is a product or file you can’t find on our website or one that doesn’t quite suit your needs, we would be happy to provide bespoke models to your exact specification and project requirements.

Our 3D modelling software is able to manipulate all CAD file types. Enabling us to take REVIT models directly from architects and designers, introduce our BIM models and return fully incorporated in REVIT file format, overcoming potential interface difficulties at the earliest stages of project design.

As with all areas of company operation, Solinear are dedicated to constantly improving our BIM data in line with the evolution of BIM requirements and design technology.

For your convenience we have created an online portal SOLBIM to access our BIM files.

For free access you can register at