The Project

Factory 2050’s striking circular layout certainly raised a lot of interest at the constructing excellence awards this year when it bagged the ‘Project of the Year 2016’ award, however the design also raised a variety of interesting challenges for us here at Solinear in the design and installation of our Factory 2050 louvre systems. The complex faceted roof turret had to be designed accurately and manufactured to a high tolerance level ensuring the desired circular shape was achieved, in keeping with the modern, aesthetically pleasing building whilst creating a seamless flow of functional louvres. The Aquarius louvre range installed on this project accentuates the avant-garde appearance of Factory 2050 and epitomizes the buildings objective: function without sacrificing form.

The building is unique in design and holds the UK title of being the first fully reconfigurable assembly and component manufacturing facility. Unlike Charlie and the chocolate factory you don’t need to find a golden ticket to take a peek inside AMRC’s £43m award winning Factory 2050, the buildings innovative design provides a tantalizing window to all budding engineers who are openly encouraged to come along and press their noses up against the 8 meter high glass walls and wait to be amazed and inspired by the work taking place within, where they can literally watch the technology of the future taking form within this revolutionary building. The contemporary purpose of this building continues to its exterior where the clean, modern styling captures the technological theme.

Solinear Limited are delighted to be returning to the ‘Project of the Year 2016’ Factory 2050 for the second phase of its construction, where we will be installing an array of products including Solinear Mallasol Fins, 3 meter high louvered access gates and more. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with this and many other exciting projects.



Products Used

Services Provided

  • Product manufacture
  • Product installation