The Project

To provide shade and protection from direct sun and overheating in a new residential south facing garden room, without sacrificing natural light, whilst providing a welcoming and homely appearance with an attractive contemporary twist.

The system was designed and manufactured in the UK within a matter of weeks to meet the Client’s requirements. When delivered to the customer, it was installed onto pre-fixed heavy duty brackets  by our experienced and highly professional installers in only a few hours.

The owners of this house not only have an amazing, stylish feature above the south facing  bi-fold doors of their new garden room, they also benefit from a cool and comfortable interior in the summer months without losing any natural light. The owners of this house can now enjoy their new garden room all year round, including during the summer months when the sun used to make their old “all glass” conservatory unbearable and unusable.


Products Used

Services Provided

  • Product installation