New Installation Completed 1st April 2017

Posted by: solinear 01/04/2017

Location: Somewhere Hot & Incredibly Sandy

Value of Project in Todays Money: Approximately 5 Billion

For this unique application we took inspiration from the ancient status of the building, using a combination of wooden screws and adhesive derived from camel dung to fix our solar shading to the stunning ancient Pyramid.

It may have taken 4,000 workers over 20 years to construct the pyramid, but our 1 day install flew on to ensure Pharaohs and Visitors alike can enjoy a cool day out  no matter which chamber of the pyramid they are trapped in.

It’s been a great privilege to work on such a wonder and we’re standing by the phone for a call about the Medera System they’d like installing onto the Great City of Atlantis .

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