Louvre Systems

Solinear have designed and developed an extensive range of fixed and operating architectural louvre products suitable for installation into any structural or glazed opening within a building or as a free-standing structure to a roof plant area (or similar). The Aquarius™ Louvre system can be supplied in ‘factory assembled’ format or alternatively, as a broken down ‘kit-form’ system to ensure a ‘tailored’ and practical solution to any large louvre screening requirement.

All Aquarius™ XLINE louvre systems are manufactured from extruded aluminium to Solinear custom brand geometric design profiles, with inherent airflow and weather performance data and capability, available through testing and CFD software modelling to ensure correct and optimised system performance wherever used on the building façade.  All Aquarius™ louvre systems are available with a range of standard perimeter flashings to ensure a full and complete weathered interface with the building structure.

The Aquarius™ XLINE Louvre system generally offers the designer four standard blade spacings 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.  However due to the flexibility of the louvre support system, virtually any blade pitch is achievable. The louvre system has a full range of accessories including birdguard, insect mesh, security bars, insulated and single skin blanking panels.

Single and double louvre doorsets are also available either as stand-alone units or integrated within the louvre screening systems. These doors can be arranged for inward or outward opening and can be fitted with various types of mesh, blanking panels, emergency opening and locking devices.

The Aquarius™ architectural louvre system is manufactured from corrosion resistant mill finish aluminium and usually supplied with a powder coated or anodised finish to any standard RAL or anodised colour range.

Louvre systems are also available in stainless steel, galvanised mild steel or plastisol.  These materials require the louvres to be fabricated and supplied as factory assembled modular panels.