External Solar Shading Systems

Manufactured from Aluminium, Timber, Perforated Mesh, or Fabric

Solinear Design, Manufacture and Install ‘STATIC’ and ‘OPERABLE’ external solar shading systems, manufactured from a range of materials including extruded aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised mild steel or timber to provide a sustainable, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing addition to any structure whilst reducing the impact of solar heat gain entering the building through windows or curtain wall systems.

These external shading systems can be fitted as horizontal, cantilever design ‘canopy’ projections or vertical ‘hanging’ screening systems to provide visually dynamic building features alongside functional and ‘free cost’ solar protection during summer months. During winter months the shading screens can also be used to maximise solar heat gain and daylight entry to the internal space, assisting in the reduction of internal heating demands and providing a beneficial daylight feel good factor to the occupants.

Using our Sol-TRAC computer software we can establish the optimum solar shading specification to a building façade and through calculation of ‘shadow masks’ produced from the various shading structures available, we can offer the most practical and cost effective solar shading solution, taking into account the varying conditions and requirements of each specific project.

Solinear provide bespoke solutions to present aesthetic, structurally integrated and functionally optimised solar shading systems to enhance a building façade. Fully supported by independent structural design to current BS/EN standards and codes and a £5M Professional Indemnity Warranty.

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