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Acoustic Louvres

SoundEX Noise control louvres

Plantroom noise from a building can provide a source of nuisance and annoyance to the general public, pedestrians and occupiers of surrounding commercial or domestic buildings and properties.  This noise can radiate from roof top plant areas or through simple louvre clad openings in the building façade, which are provided to allow fresh air inlet or extract air from these areas/spaces, to create unacceptable levels of disturbance to surrounding users or buildings.  This may be a particular concern at night time when surrounding levels of noise are reduced so enhancing the effect of the noise and its source.

Undoubtedly the best and most reliable way to control noise is at source by ensuring a solid walling construction to the building façade with no apertures for air intake or extract to services plant or noise leakage surrounding the plant.  This, unfortunately, prevents proper function of the air handling or heating & ventilation plant due to the demand for airflow required to the building and therefore alternative methods of controlling sound emanating from these areas needs to be considered.  These enable to movement of airflow either into or out from the building through sound controlled apertures.  Usually this control is provided by installation of acoustic louvres within the openings.  These acoustic louvre elements are designed to reduce the noise transmission from the source to surrounding areas to acceptable levels and overcome the potential for noise disturbance and complaints to the building owners and occupiers.

Solinear have developed a range of acoustic louvres and acoustic screening products that enable that can assist in achieving the control of noise from a building plantroom or roof plant space.  soundEX acoustic louvre products are provided in a variety of depths, blade profile arrangements and material construction to achieve optimum design performance in terms of noise control, financial cost and spacial requirements.

soundEX AC-150 & AC-300 acoustic louvres are available in two profile depths of 150mm and 300mm when supplied as single bank units which can be double banked ‘back-to-back’ to provide improved acoustic performance at 600mm deep.

soundEX PL-50, 75 & 100 acoustic wall screening panels are used where a cladded wall or wall lining construction is required to block and directionally control noise radiating from a source.  Typically used to surround chiller or condenser plant where airflow via louvres is not required but noise radiation is still a problem.

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