The Aquarius™ XLINE louvre product range includes single or double louvre doorsets.

They can be arranged for either inward or outward opening and are available in all of our louvre product ranges, including acoustic louvre doorsets.

Louvre doors are essential for high/low voltage sub-stations, boiler rooms and rooms that require a constant airflow for ventilation or combustion purposes whilst providing a high level of weather protection to the enclosed spaces.  They can also used for general access into roof plant louvre screens.

Aquarius™ XLINE louvre doors can be supplied to any given structural opening size, generally ranging from 750mm wide up to 1200mm wide as a single door and from 1000mm wide up to 4000mm wide as a double door. Door heights are made to suit the opening requirements with due regard and consideration to practicalities of installation and safe practical use by the building occupants.

Aquarius™ XLINE louvre doors are supplied as standard with Class 9, stainless steel butt hinges and overhead, sliding bar restrictor units to limit opening of door leaf beyond 95 degrees during normal usage and 180 degrees by integral cam-lok adjustment, for full access to the space through the doorway. They are provided with a pivot mortice deadlock and euro-profile cylinder (lock keyed to outside and thumb-turn to inside). Where double louvre doors are provided spring assisted shoot bolts are fitted to the slave door leaf.

Please note that Aquarius™ XLINE louvre doorsets by their specification are not designed for high traffic volumes and are generally not suitable for use where high frequency pedestrian access is required to pass through them.


Aquarius™ XLINE louvre doors can be fitted with emergency escape panic hardware, magnetic locking devices and key pad entry locking systems.  The supply of these component items is restricted to Solinear specification due to integration requirements with the louvre door sub-framing sections.

Aquarius™ XLINE louvre doors are not supplied with any door seals as standard, due to the nature and purpose for which they are normally supplied.  Where improved air leakage performance is required, the louvre doors can be adapted in design and manufacture to incorporate brush seals and blanking panels.

Solinear can supply and install fire doors and steel doors where security is a requirement. Steel doors can be supplied with steel louvre panels inset to provide ventilation to the guarded space.