The Medera™ product range is also suitable for louvred ventilation grilles and roof plant louvre screening with standard vertical pitches of 100mm and 150mm available. The louvre blades can be rectangular or sculptured with chamfered front and back edges to provide improved aerodynamic and weather performance. The louvre blades are ‘clamp’ fixed between extruded aluminium channel section clips, fixed back to vertical support mullions to enable a secure and consistent product installation.

Medera™ timber louvres can be supplied as ‘factory assembled’ modular panels or ‘kit-form’ systems for site assembly and installation where larger areas of louvre screening are required.

Timber louvres are usually supplied with a rectangular blade profile. Typically 145mm x 22mm with a 45 degree chamfer to the front edge, however, due to the flexibility of timber as a base material, a profile of virtually any geometry and size can be produced. Vertical pitch spacing of the louvre blade is set to suit the specified airflow and weather performance of each project.