All Aquarius™ XLINE AQ50, AQ75 and AQ100 louvre systems can be supplied as ‘moveable’ operating units.

Operable louvres are modular systems, supplied to site as factory built units. The blades can be driven open and closed either manually, where direct access is available to the back of the louvre, or remotely,  by linear driven actuator mounted to the side of the louvre frame.

A direct drive link bar couples all blades to allow open/close rotational operation by hand lever or via an electric linear actuator.

For a step incremental operation of the louvres a 24V voltage regulation actuator is available, otherwise a simple 240V actuator will provide fully open or fully closed cycle to the louvre panel.

On loss of power the motor will remain where positioned at time of this power loss.

A ‘fail-safe’ motor unit is also available which will drive the louvre to a pre-set position on loss or failure of power to the building or louvres.

Thermally Insulated Operable Louvres

The louvre blade profile can be supplied as a 25mm thick, hollow cavity section allowing the insertion of an EPS core within the blade to provide thermal insulation properties.

The perimeter frame structure will also incorporate an EPS insulation core to provide a fully insulated operating louvre suitable for either hand or motorised operation.

The louvre blade has interlocking front and back edges, with bubble gasket inserts, to provide a high level air seal to minimise air leakage when the louvre blades are closed.

Manually Operated

Hand ‘Lever’ Operated Louvres

A simple, friction-stay lever handle allows the building occupants to open/close the louvres to suit their own requirements.

The louvres will stay where positioned and will require manual closing during inclement weather conditions or at the end of the day when the building closes and is not occupied.

The operating louvre blades overlap and have front edge seals and jamb seals to minimise air leakage.


Remote Motorised Louvres

Motorised Louvre panels are provided when access to the rear is not easily available and extended control via switch boxes or the building BMS system is preferred.

Operating louvre panels can be formed from the XLINE-AQ50, AQ75 and AQ100 louvre systems with a maximum panel width of 1200mm and up to 3m2 cover area, subject to Solinear design review.

The operating louvre blades overlap and have front edge seals and jamb seals to minimise air leakage.