The Solex™ AXIS solar shading system offers a compact, versatile and lightweight external solar shading system suitable for direct connection to window frame sections.

The Solex™ AXIS solar shading system features a solid ‘arc’ shape blade profile, sloping at 30 degrees to shade the glazed window and provide a discreet and effective external ‘Venetian blind’ effect directly in front of the window.

The shading blades are positioned between a 50mm diameter top and bottom circular rail with elliptical tubular spacers creating the vertical blade pitch, this spacing dimension is variable to suit your aesthetical and shading requirements.

Solex™ AXIS solar shading can be arranged for either static or pivot operation. Static systems are usually fixed back to bespoke design window brackets and offer no opportunity to lift or swing away from the windows for maintenance or window cleaning.

Top or Bottom hung AXIS shading panels allow the operator to release spring assisted pivot bolts and swing the units away from the window face for maintenance or cleaning access. These units can also be supplied with tubular struts enabling the user to locate and prop back to the structure and prevent accidental closing during the maintenance procedure.

The Solex™ AXIS solar shading system is supplied as factory assembled modules with a maximum span width of 2500mm and a vertical drop of 3500mm.

Solinear offer a full design, manufacture and installation service for this product.