The Solex™ HALO system features a range of symmetrically shaped ‘elliptical’ solar shading aerofoils.

These profiles are manufactured from either ‘single piece’ or ‘multi-part’ extruded aluminium die sections. From stock, depending on quantity requirements, we are usually able to offer our HALO-100, HALO-150, HALO-200, HALO-300 and HALO-400 blade profiles.

We have experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke solar shading blade profiles of practically any geometry, custom designed to suit a project’s specification. Within this remit assistance can be provided to maximise structural integrity, profile performance under load, and optimise tooling design.

Solex™ HALO aerofoils can be arranged either horizontally or vertically in orientation and have varying span capabilities dependent upon profile size and angle of inclination.

Due to the accompanying parts being designed and manufactured bespoke, there is no set pitch to the aerofoils, each system is tailored to optimise system performance for each project.

Structurally, optimum performance is usually achieved with the aerofoils positioned at an angle of 45 degrees, although they can be set to any angle from 0 degrees to 90 degrees.

We are happy to assist in choosing the correct aerofoil size for the circumstance, taking into account blade deflection and performance under dead and live loading conditions. We will also provide advice on structural connections between the aerofoils and other component parts within our system and final interface with the primary building structure.