Solinear offer a complete design, manufacture and installation service for our Medera™ timber solar shading products, we are able to assist you in the selection and application of the species of timber as well as creating the optimum design to satisfy your project’s specification.

Timber provides exceptional manufacturing versatility in terms of size and geometry, allowing virtually any solar shading blade profile to be achieved whether that be a rectangular, square, trapezoidal, circular, or elliptical configuration . They can be manufactured from single piece wood stock or for larger sizes, from laminated engineered timbers.

Sustainably sourced and PEFC certified, Medera™ timber solar shading systems take advantage of the sheer beauty and versatility provided by natural timber.

Typically, Medera™ solar shading fin profiles are supplied as single piece constructions, manufactured from rectangular ‘blanks’ up to 285mm x 45mm, dependant upon the type of timber utilised and material stock availability at time of order and manufacture. Timber is a natural product and stock availability is dependent upon controlled supply through responsible and sustainable sources.

For horizontal ‘canopy’ systems, the timber solar shading fins can be fixed between wooden, aluminium or stainless steel end plate support rafters via stainless steel ‘floating’ pin connectors, screw fastenings or for larger profiles, high-load hex head coach bolts. All fasteners are selected as part of the design process to suit required loadings, product requirements and site specific conditions.

A range of timbers are available, Western Red Cedar is a common choice specified due to it’s stability and durability, although other timber species can be used such as Accoya, Thermowood, Larch, European Oak and Meranti.

Medera™ solar shading products are usually supplied from air dried ‘green’ graded timbers, where no surface staining or treatments are required.  Kiln dried woods are also available where preferred and the use of stains and other surface treatments may be needed.

Please contact our technical team for advice on choosing the most suitable timber species and finishing options for your project.