Solar Shading design is a fundamental part of Solinear operations.  It enables us to use our creative, innovative and technological skills to offer both traditional 2D drafting or advanced 3D modelling techniques to communicate and showcase to our customers our products and how they are intended to be used or function in the project to ensure a fully integrated construction is achieved between the product and its surrounding building envelope.

Solinear use the latest in CAD modelling software and have fully certified and experienced design draftspersons working on this important aspect of our business workflow.  We have achieved BIM Level 2 compliance and continue to work towards Level 3 with download BIM packages available for our products available upon subscription to our dedicated BIM website.

Advanced Design Analysis for Solar Shading Projects

Using our ‘solTRAC‘ sun path analysis computer software we are able to illustrate the likely performance of proposed external solar shading systems for a given model façade. This software will produce graphical data showing percentage shading effects caused by our solar shading systems on the window or curtain wall arrangement, taking into account the site location, façade orientation, time of day and considered time of year – this usually being the Summer and Winter Solstice.

Structural Design

All Solinear Architectural Louvres, Solar Shading Systems and bespoke fabrication proposals are undertaken in accordance with current ruling BS/EN standards and design codes of practise. Structural design calculations are available on request in summary format for our clients review or will be issued by Solinear if there is a design service load requirement that must be accommodated by the clients building structure.

Case Studies